LUCKYCOLA cash in 5% bonus

Event Details:

Join LUCKYCOLA and deposit today. We’re offering a 5% bonus on all player deposits. That means you could earn up to an extra ₱5,000 in no time—if you deposit at least ₱500!

Only for electronic slot games, cannot be used in live video games, poker

If you’re new to LuckyCola and looking for a way to get started, this is a great way to do it—and if you already play here, it’s even better. You can get all the fun of live gaming without having any real-world risk!

For example:

Deposit 500. You’ll get 25% back on your next deposit.

If you wager a total of 7875, you’ll get 7875*(15×200)=1250 back on your withdrawal (rounded down).

Bonus application method and requirements:

After applying for the event, the system will automatically issue it (you need to apply for the event first before making a deposit)

  1. Activity plan
  2. Member username
  3. The bonus for this event is only applicable to electronic slot games (not for live video games,poker)
  4. (Betting amount is calculated by playing slot games)
  5. Unlimited deposit times
  6. A single deposit of 500 or more is required to participate in this activity
  7. Cannot be used in conjunction with the 10% campaign

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