Players 50% Cashback bonus!

This event is open to all Lucky Cola players in appreciation of their support, and all Lucky Cola players are invited to participate!

Deposit and get 50% bonus cashback (unlimited claims)
Single order bonus up to 10000
Minimum deposit – 500
Bonus – 50%
Bet limit – x5
Example: Deposit 500
5000.5=250, 250+500=750 Bet limit is 7505=3750 Total valid bets required to eliminate

Limited to electronic slot games only, if you play live casino, sports, the bet amount limit will be invalid.

This promotion is open to every account

The 5x wagering limit must be reached before you can apply for a withdrawal

(Only for electronic slot games, for other games the bet amount is not valid)

Unable to play: Live Casino, Sports. (The bonus cannot be withdrawn when the promotion rules are violated.)

Bonus application method and requirements:

After applying for the event, the system will automatically release it (you need to apply for the event first before depositing)

  1. Activity plan
  2. User username
  3. The bonus for this event is only applicable to electronic slot games (not for live video games) (Betting amount is calculated by playing slot games)
  4. Unlimited deposit time
  5. A single deposit of 500 or more is required to participate in this activity
  6. Cannot be used in conjunction with 5% 10% campaign

Event terms and conditions:

  1. If you do not apply for the bonus to the LUCKY COLA customer service before playing within 24 hours after depositing, after betting or applying after the deadline has expired, it will be considered surrendered. If you have successfully submitted the application to the LUCKY COLA online customer service, the system will check and process the bonus within 2 hours.
  2. This promotion is limited to one player, one account, one contact information, one payment account, one IP and one participating computer environment. Anyone who gets a bonus by illegal means, the LUCKY COLA organizer has the right to adjust the content of the event.
  3. All games must have a win or lose calculation. Any canceled events, games and risk-free bets will not count as valid bets for this event.
  4. LUCKY COLA reserves the right to adjust the content of the event, and may modify and discontinue this promotion at any time without prior notice. If the member is found to have violated the promotion terms or used any improper means to obtain the promotion, the member may cancel the distribution of the award, and reclaim the profit generated by the award.
  5. Riskless bets are void bets, and following are void bets. Casino: In the same round of Baccarat, Sic Bo or Roulette, bet on Banker and Player at the same time, Odd and Even/Black and Red. Stadium: Betting on two teams at the same time in the same match. (※ Cross-level is not included in the effective value), Colored balls: bet on odd/even/large/large/small/single-double/ball color combination at the same time at the same time.
  6. LUCKY COLA discounts are distributed only by this website. Members are requested to check the promotions on the official website. If there are disputes arising from discounts obtained through other channels, the company is not responsible for it!

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